A2/AD anti-access/area-denial
AAV Amphibious Assault Vehicle
ADIZ Air Defense Identification Zone
AEHF Advanced Extremely High Frequency (satellite system)
AEW airborne early warning
AFAFRICA U.S. Air Forces Africa
AFP Armed Forces of the Philippines
AFRICOM U.S. Africa Command
AFSOC U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command
AMDR Air and Missile Defense Radar
AN/TPY-2 Army Navy/Transportable Radar Surveillance
ANZUS Australia–New Zealand–U.S. Security Treaty
AOR area of responsibility
APC armored personnel carrier
AQAP al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
AQIM al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb
ARG amphibious ready group
ASW anti-submarine warfare
ASUW anti-surface warfare
AW air warfare

BCA Budget Control Act of 2011
BCT brigade combat team
BDCA border defense cooperation agreement
BMD ballistic missile defense
BUR Bottom-Up Review

C2 command and control
C4ISR command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance
CA civil affairs
CAB combat air brigade
CCT Combat Controller
CELAC Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
CENTCOM U.S. Central Command
CFC Combined Forces Command (South Korea–U.S.)
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CJTF-HOA Combined Joint Task Force–Horn of Africa
CLF Combat Logistics Force
CMRR Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement
COCOM Combatant Command
CONUS continental United States
CSG carrier strike group
CSO Critical Skills Operator
CT counterterrorism
CTF Combined Task Force
CTIC Counter Terrorism Information Center
CVW carrier air wing
CW chemical warfare
CYBERCOM U.S. Cyber Command

DA-KKV direct-ascent kinetic-kill vehicle
DDPR Deterrence and Defense Posture Review
DMZ demilitarized zone
DNI Director of National Intelligence
DOD U.S. Department of Defense
DOS denial of service
DDOS distributed denial of service
DPRK Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea)
DSR Defense Strategic Review

EDCA Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement
EEZ exclusive economic zone
EOD explosive ordinance disposal
EMP electromagnetic pulse
ESG Expeditionary Strike Group
EUCOM U.S. European Command
EW electronic warfare

FCS Future Combat Systems
FTA free trade agreement

GCC geographic combatant commander
GCC Gulf Cooperation Council
GCV Ground Combat Vehicle
GFMAP Global Force Management Allocation Plan
GEO geosynchronous orbit
GPF general purpose forces
GPS Global Positioning System

HA/DR humanitarian assistance/disaster relief
HEO highly elliptical orbit

ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile
ICS industrial control systems
IDF Israel Defense Forces
IFV infantry fighting vehicle
IMF International Monetary Fund
INEW Integrated Network Electronic Warfare
INF Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (treaty)
IOC initial operating capability
IRGC Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
ISAF International Security Assistance Force
ISIS Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
ISR intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance

JOAC Joint Operational Access Concept
JSF Joint Strike Fighter (F-35 Lightning II)
JSOC Joint Special Operations Command
JSTAR Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System
JLTV Joint Light Tactical Vehicle
JTF North Joint Task Force North

LAF Lebanese Armed Forces
LCS littoral combat ship
LeT Lashkar-e-Taiba
LHA landing helicopter assault (amphibious ship)
LHD landing helicopter dock (amphibious ship)
LNG liquefied natural gas
LoC Line of Control
LPD landing platform/dock or amphibious transport dock (amphibious ship)
LRA Lord’s Resistance Army
LSD landing ship, dock (amphibious ship)

MAGTF Marine Air-Ground Task Force
MANPADS man-portable air-defense systems
MARCENT U.S. Marine Corps Forces Central Command
MARFORAF U.S. Marine Corps Forces Africa
MARFOREUR U.S. Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa
MARFORPAC U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific
MARSOC U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations Command
MCM mine countermeasure (ship)
MCO major combat operation (see MRC, MTW)
MCMV mine countermeasure vessel (ship)
MDAP Major Defense Acquisition Program
MEB Marine Expeditionary Brigade
MISO Military Information Special Operations
MNLA National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad
MNLF Moro National Liberation Front
MNNA major non-NATO ally
MOJWA Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa
MRC major regional conflict (see MTW, MCO)
MRAP Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected (vehicle)
MRBM medium-range ballistic missile
MTW major theater war (see MCO, MRC)

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAVAF U.S. Naval Forces Africa
NAVEUR U.S. Naval Forces Europe
NDN Northern Distribution Network
NDP National Defense Panel
New START New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty
NNSA National Nuclear Security Administration
NPR Nuclear Posture Review
NPRIS Nuclear Posture Review Implementation Study
NSWC Naval Special Warfare Command

OAS Organization of American States
OCO overseas contingency operations
OEF Operation Enduring Freedom
OIF Operation Iraqi Freedom
ONA Office of Net Assessment
OPCON operational control

PACAF U.S. Pacific Air Forces
PACOM U.S. Pacific Command
PACFLT U.S. Pacific Fleet
PKO peacekeeping operation
PLA People’s Liberation Army
PLAAF People’s Liberation Army Air Force
PLAN People’s Liberation Army Navy
PNI Presidential Nuclear Initiative
PNT positioning, navigation, and timing
PRC People’s Republic of China
PSF Peninsula Shield Force

QDR Quadrennial Defense Review
QNSTR Quadrennial National Security Threats and Trends

RCOH refueling and complex overhaul (nuclear-powered ship)
RDJTF Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force
ROK Republic of Korea (South Korea)

SAM surface-to-air missile
SAR search and rescue
SBIRS Space-Based Infrared System (satellite system)
SCN Shipbuilding and Conversion, Navy (budget category)
SEAL Sea Air Land operator (Navy)
SEATO Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
SIGINT signals intelligence
SLBM submarine-launched ballistic missile
SMU special mission unit
SOCAFRICA U.S. Special Operations Command Africa
SOCCENT U.S. Special Operations Command Central
SOCEUR U.S. Special Operations Command Europe
SOCPAC U.S. Special Operations Command Pacific
SOF U.S. Special Operations Forces
SORT Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty
SRBM short-range ballistic missile
SSBN ballistic missile submarine, nuclear-powered
SSGN guided missile submarine, nuclear-powered
SSN attack submarine, nuclear-powered
SSP Stockpile Stewardship Program
STRATCOM U.S. Strategic Command
SUW surface warfare

TACAIR tactical air
TCO transnational criminal organization
TLAM/N Tomahawk Land Attack Missile/Nuclear
TNW tactical nuclear weapon
TRA Taiwan Relations Act
TRANSCOM U.S. Transportation Command
TSOC Theater Special Operations Command

UAV unmanned aerial vehicle
UNASUR Unión de Naciones Suramericanas (Union of South American Nations)
USAF U.S. Air Force
USAFCENT U.S. Air Forces Central
USAFE U.S. Air Forces Europe
USARAF U.S. Army Africa
USARCENT U.S. Army Central
USARPAC U.S. Army Pacific
USAREUR U.S. Army Europe
USASOC U.S. Army Special Operations Command
USFJ U.S. Forces Japan
USFK U.S. Forces Korea
USNAVCENT U.S. Naval Forces Central
USNORTHCOM U.S. Northern Command
USSOCOM U.S. Special Operations Command
USSOUTHCOM U.S. Southern Command
USW undersea warfare

VLS vertical launching system

WGS Wideband Global SATCOM (satellite system)
WMD weapons of mass destruction
WWTA Worldwide Threat Assessment

Assessing America's Ability to Provide for the Common Defense